→ No KYC → No accounts → No JS → PGP receipts → Tor friendly
  • Eligibility: Any person can create and perform exchange operations on our service. We do not discriminate or have any rejection criteria.
  • Rates: Rates are fixed for 10 minutes after order creation and are subject to update every next 10 minutes if there is no incoming payment present.
  • Customer payment: There are no requirements of amount to send, however, in case customer sends an amount that exceeds our minimum or maximum balance to convert, a customer will be eligible for refund.
  • Our payment: We will execute a payment to customer once the receiving amount reaches sufficient network confirmations and doesn't exceed our minimum or maximum balance to convert.
  • Refunds: Orders are elligible for refund if cryptocurrency was received by us, but the swap output was not received by you. Refund operations are fully automatic. We do not charge any fees for refunds.
  • Support: Customers can contact our support team over email at support@swp.cx and we respond to all communications quickly, aiming at within 12 hours.